Talent Acquisition
(Direct Placement)

At Bioforce Solutions, we excel at assisting biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies in directly hiring talented candidates that fit the needs of your business. Our experienced recruiters will do all the leg work to find you the ideal candidate(s) for your open positions. And after 17+ years in operation, our extensive network and existing relationships with existing candidates means we can provide a quick solution, as well. Of course, each candidate will go through rigorous qualification testing and vetting to ensure the perfect fit for each party.

There are two ways in which we work help find direct placement for companies. The first is contingency recruitment, meaning you only pay us when a candidate is successfully hired. The second way is a retained search service. With this option, an upfront fee is collected to conduct a search. We will will then operate on an exclusive basis and conduct a rigorous search to provide a shortlist of five candidates with the perfect skills, location, salary and other requirements, making it far easier and faster for your company to hire.